Unable to change passwords in openhabian-config

Raspberry pi 3 B+
Latest Openhabian OS as of today

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    Hi future helpers :slight_smile:
    i’m having trouble changing my default passwords.
    Accessing openhabian from the openhabian-config via putty, i’m unable to change my passwords. I can successfully select to change them, input a password, then confirm the password with a success message, however after reboot the password reverts to the default.
    One thing I noticed is in the confirmation message that it says ‘password successfully changed for:’ and there is nothing underneath.
    Is there another manual way to change these?

Thank you :smiley:

Try using passwd at the command line and follow the prompts. You will first be prompted to enter your current current password. If you enter the correct password, then you will be asked to enter and confirm the new password.

This sounds a whole lot like a failing SD card. When you make changes and the changes seen to take but then everything reverts after a reboot that indicates that the writes to the SD card are not succeeding.

So change the password, then test the password without rebooting. It should be the new password. Then reboot. If it needs the old password that means the SD card needs to be replaced.

yeah i tried the passwd command and it said it was successful also… thanks for the advice though :slight_smile:

That would make sense, i didn’t check to see if the password had actually changed before rebooting so i’ll check that and see if it’s the issue?
Thank you for your help :smile:

I have had the same problem. I have installed and screwed up openhab enough times . I have had this same problem consistently on numerous installations and at least 3 brand new SD cards. I suspect this is not a problem with a failing SD card. On all m y cards and instillation I have never been able to change the password using the openhabian-config via putty.

For anyone suffering from this a possible answer is given here: