Unable to get OH2 skill working again after changing my Amazon account

Hi All

My AWS account was originally USA based, despite me being in Australia. Amazon suggested I convert and assured me my lambda functions etc would all still work fine - I just had to relink my devices and reset my Echos

So I did all that and surprise surprise, nothing at all works - no devices are found in the Alexa App

I use OH2 with a private instance of OH2 Cloud. This has always worked fine. My items are of course all tagged as they always were, nothing at all has changed on OH2.

I embarked on recreating EVERYTHING in AWS, The security profile, the lambda, the amazon skill and redid all the linking. Even updated the Android Alexa App.

It all links fine and appears to be working, however there are no new devices found. Infact no devices at all are found.

In CloudWatcher, I cannot see anything, no LOG configuration or GROUP setup.

Can someone please help, i relied on Alexa heavily for my setup and it’s all broken now :frowning:

So far Ive spent 8hrs trying to recreate and set it all up and I’m now at a loss.