Unable to get the notificationvolume in say() command + Sonos working


Working on getting all kinds of notifications working and while I am getting a perfect response from the Say() -command itself through the Sonos -devices, I have not really been able to get the notificationvolume adjusted and thus everything is always played loud and clear. However the rest of the family has wishes regarding the volumes and so I need to get the volume adjusted.

Below is my latest test. It is receiving (working nicely) a notification from Blue Iris cameras via MQTT that there is movement in the front door camera and then triggers a notification about it if this has been requested (working nicely) and says something out loud (which is also working nicely). But it always says this at 100 percent volume… Btw “ovikello” is “doorbell” in Finnish :slight_smile:

Any ideas?

rule "Kamera_etuovi_ovikello"
        Item MQTT_TURVA_KAMERA_AJOTIE received command
        switch (receivedCommand) {
                case "ON": {
                        if(id_rule_kamera_ovikello.state == ON) {
                                if(now.getHourOfDay > 6 || now.getHourOfDay <= 22) {
                                        switch (rand.nextInt(2)+1) {
                                                case 0: say("Ovella olisi vieraita", new PercentType(10))
                                                case 1: say("Ilmoitan, että etuovella on vieraita", new PercentType(10))
                                                case 2: say("Huomauttaisin, että ovella on vieraita", new PercentType(10))
                case "OFF": return