Unable to get water alarm from Develco Water Leak detector via Zigbee binding

Hi, I have couple of Develco Water Leak detectors like this: https://www.develcoproducts.com/products/sensors-and-alarms/water-leak-detector/

I have used them with commercial home automation system in the past (couple of months ago). They were working well. Now I’m trying to get them into Openhab. I’m able to add them as things in Openhab via Zigbee binding. I can get temperature values from them all and they are forwarded to influxdb via persistence configuration. However, water leak alarm is not working. I have tried to manually initiate test alarm pushing test button for 6.5 seconds (https://www.develcoproducts.com/media/3385/flood-alarm-installation-manual-v21-t00000044.pdf) as well as putting detector into real water. Device is alarming loudly but water alarm item in openhab does not change state. I cannot see anything in events nor openhab logs during tests.

Any idea how to troubleshoot further?