Unable to include GE 14288 outlet again

Had this outlet included previously, things went haywire, I tried to exclude it but did not seem to work. I deleted it from the binding and did a factory reset on the outlet. However, I’m unable to “discover” it again for inclusion.
For what it’s worth, I used zwave2mqtt to look at the controller supposedly and it did not list the deleted node id. Any ideas how I can get this node back?

i changed the thread tag since you said you are using zwave2mqtt. That is totally different than the zwave binding.

I’m using ZWave binding with Openhab - I just used a completely separate tool (zwave2mqtt) to verify - so I believe the zwave tag is appropriate, could you change it back please?

Sorry. I though zwave2mqtt involved flashing a controller with special firmware. I did not realize they had a tool to look at the controller.

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