Unable to link Alexa with Openhab

Dear all,

Since today, I’m not able to make work Openhab Skill in Alexa. (2 years working without real issue)

Basic information:

  • This morning I Just received a message informing me that my session was expired.
  • try to link again Alexa & openhab:
    • Initial link seems that work correctly; I’m able to see the new token in myopenhab page.
    • when try to use any item Alexa show a message saying that I need to link the account.
    • back to the initial point.

Things already try:

  • Remove all the old sessions in myopenhab
  • Remove all the profiles in alexa (seems that could potentially cause issues)
  • Create new items in openhab and try to synchronize alexa
  • Remove items in Alexa to try re-discovering.

nothing works.

I have a confirmation email of the linked account on each test.

Do you have any idea how to solve this situation?

do you need any additional information, your support is really appreciated.


I had something similar and went into Alexa app removed the OH skill and then re-installed the skill and it seems to have fixed things for me.

Have you gone through the troubleshooting guide?

Also, if you migrated to OH 3.x, Alexa tag configuration are no longer supported. Only metadata configuration are supported from that point.