Unable to link openhab and google after yesterdays error

Yesterday when the mongoose failed, I deleted the openhab from Google home, and when it was up again, i tried adding the openhab to google home again, it tries to connect but ends up giving me a:

“settings cannot be updated. check your connection”

I’ve tried:

  1. removing linked services in google
  2. Removing everything tagged from config, and then adding something i knew was 100% correctly tagged
  3. Removing myopenhab account and reinstalling it
  4. removing cloud connector and reinstalling it
  5. trying to add openhab to google home from a fresh device

IM really running out of ideas, can someone help ?


Ok this is some crazy bat sh*t… i switched to desktopversion of chrome on phone and suddenly it went through… hail mary attempt gone good :smiley:

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