Unable to login at my.openhab.org even after resettin password


I successfully created an account on my.openhab.org and was able to use it for 2 days. (And yes, initially when creating the account I had the problem with the Java version and the change of certificates; but that was solved quickly.)

But after 2 days I received a message during login that my account/password was incorrect.
I requested a new password (successfully) but was unable to login with this new password.
I tried it several times (4) with other, simpler, passwords without success. Also waited 24 hours and did the procedure again (requesting a new password an tying to login.)

Did not found a possibility to contact the admin on my.openhab.org website, so hopefully one of the admins is also following this forum and is able to help me with this issue.

Kind regards, Bert

I have something similar, I was able to use myopenhab, yet since 30 July it sees my sever as offline although it is online…
secret and UUID are still ok

OK, I tried it once more, resetting pw and login is working again.
Probably a serious ‘error behind keyboard’?
Apologize for bothering you guys with this.
Kind regards, Bert