Unable to save to shared drive

I am able to edit files via notepad++ on windows machine, but unable to create new files, says i dont jave permissions to do that. This is via windows by samba to latest openhabian on pi3. @ThomDietrich, any ideas, or anyone else?

I suspect this is a rights issue. I do not know Notepad ++ (I’m not a Windows user ;-)) I guess Notepad ++ tries to create a file with your local username, but Openhab does not know your local username.

Type on Shell -> ls -lah (into a directory where a file has already been edited) and paste the output here.

I don’t have specifics to offer, but the problem is almost certainly the file permissions on existing files and/or the folder and/or the SAMBA configuration. Usually openhabian takes care of all of this for you so I don’t know what could be happening.

Its at a friend of mines place, so its farbetween to mess with. Ill try the above when i get there. Thanks as always.