Unable to setup Eclipse IDE

Hi all,

I would love to contribute with bindings for Bticino for openHAB2 but however the whole SDK drives me crazy. Basically, I followed the instructions using Eclipse Installer to install Eclipse Oxygen (tried both 32 and 64 Bit) and different combinations of the of the available packages (openHAB development, ESH+OH2 Core Bundles, openHAB 2 Add-ons). However, after downloading tons of megabytes, cloning repositories etc. the result is still the same

–> Eclipse shows literally thousands of errors. Sometimes closing, refreshing etc. projects helps a little bit to reduce the number of errors but this does not work out. It seems that the dependency resultion is not working since i get many errors on unresolved package names.

After trying several times with different settings, I tried to isolate a single binding project (e.g., the one for onkyo AV receivers) by separating the Maven module. However, this didn’t worked either since dependencies to the core can’t be resolved. I checked the maven dependencies but there were no indications on how the dependency to the core is resolved at all. So building a single binding “in isolation” by just referencing the parent project in the pom simply doesn’t work either.

So any suggestions on how to get a clean IDE for starting binding development?

In my experience, it’s not possible to use the Eclipse IDE.

I can edit in Eclipse, but I have to use Maven to compile/build.

Unfortunately you are right that it is a hassle to setup the ide. It took me an entire weekend to do so. Less is better, only select OH2 add-ons development. Close/open eclipse after the setup. Close all projects except one binding and the resources and runtime project. Reload the target platform (search on Google how to do that, I forgot the exact menu).

It should work at some point.

The buildsystem is really fucked. I posted on the eclipse forum for eclipse smartphone and ask for changing the buildsystem to a more modern one. But the maintainers don’t see the struggles that we are going through unfortunately.

Cheers David

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Doesn’t work for me. I can’t even open just the runtime without getting the thousands of errors.

This is true, and sad.

I am finding myself in a similar situation. I get only two errors, but still it means I cannot do anything with it.
How do you compile with maven once you got the download done?