Unable to show % on sitemap

Hello everyone,

I just migrated to openhab 3.3.0 from 3.2.0 and some item on my sitemap dropped there unit. That data are coming from mqtt and were saved as number. I have KM data, if I use number:length, it think it’s meters and if I format with km, I get 0 since it try to convert. Is there a way to tell him “hey, it’s km not m”?

Also, I have another number which is a %. I tried setting number, number:dimensionless but I cannot get it to display with a %. How do I do that?

Thank you

I don’t know what I did, % started appearing…

Neither do we, you didn’t really give details.

For background;
MQTT channels do not usually add units to their updates for Items, but they can if you configure for that. So look there.
The result is that a channel may update with “50” or with “50%”.

If the update is “50%” you should link to a Number:Dimensionless type Item, that accepts “50%” with the unit.

If the update is “50” you would normally link to a Number type Item, no unit.
You can still configure the Item to format the display with XX so you would see “50XX” - or of course “50%”. It’s just a character for display, not a proper unit, and the Item state would still be just “50”.

You can also link update “50” with no unit to a Number:Dimensionless type Item - but then you must set a default unit for that Item, like % or km. Exactly how to do that depends on how you defined your Item, but its usually the ‘pattern’ part of Item metadata.
When a unit-less “50” updates this Item, the default unit will be used, and the Item state will “50%”.

Editing any of these small details in-flight may well not appear immediately.


The value is 50 in mqtt, no unit for everything.

I tried to add % but in the sitemap, it give ERR when I put a % in the label. I tried Number and Number:Dimensionless. Now it show with % and it’s as it was when I upgraded so I don’t know why it’s working.

The things are items are created in the GUI, but I don’t see any pattern. Here’s what I see. Image aren’t for these item but I have same option with the others.

No idea what you did. Please show stuff like this, preferably in text form.

You don’t see ‘pattern’ metadata unless you set ‘pattern’ in the state presentation metadata of this Item.

Not sure, but isn’t the % character one of those that needs to be escaped i.e. %% rather than just % …

Number Item_Name "Item Label [%.0f %%]"  {channel=".."}
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Hello, maybe I can help you with my SoC items that I also get displayed in the sitemap.
I also had to try a bit and then it finally worked with the correct display format.

In any case, pattern must be in the state description of the item.
I’ll show you my configuration with a few screenshots.

In the first picture the characters [%.0f%%] in the item label name in the sitemap editor were entered there by OpenHab.
I don’t know why, but afterwards they disappeared in the widget.

Don’t mind that there are still no numbers in the sitemap for the times. This is still under development. Sorry

I hope I could help you at least a little bit.

Ah, the %% escape would have solved everything. I was putting label=“asdf %” and it didn’t liked having only % and I didn’t though about using a double %%.