Unable to uninstall classicUI

The classicUI seems to be in a dual-state of installed and uninstalled for me, I tried to get rid of it since I’m trying to keep a minimal installation for my automated home (and the BasicUI does everything else).

In the Karaf console, I’m trying to use feature:uninstall openhab-ui-classic but the response is:

Error executing command: Feature named 'openhab-ui-classic/0.0.0' is not installed

I then try to install it to see if I can remedy this but the response for this is:

The specified feature: 'openhab-ui-classic' version '2.0.0.SNAPSHOT' is already installed

What am I doing wrong?

The Classic UI is part of the “Standard” installation package and thus is implicitly installed and cannot be uninstalled. If you want to get rid off it, choose the “Minimal” installation package.

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Doh! :sweat_smile: Thanks Kai, hadn’t even realised it was a thing.