Unauthorized REST API requests

Hi guys,

after restarting my OpenHab raspberry I get the following messages in the log every 10 seconds:

2022-01-05 13:01:19.891 [WARN ] [ore.io.rest.auth.internal.AuthFilter] - Unauthorized API request: Unknown API token

How ist it possible to check what binding or service or whatever is trying to access the API?

Using Openhab 3.2 with an up-to-date Openhabian installation.

I think a UI running in a browser somewhere can do something like that, it’s still trying to talk to the old openHAB session.

You were right! Before I posted I double checked all browsers and apps and deleted all open sessions but I forgot that I tried using Node-Red on the same Pi months ago with an openhab-controller installed. That was the solution.

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