Unbound (virtual) switch item not working


I migrated from OH2.5 successfully to OH3 (3.0.2).

Now I have a strange behavior with unbound (virtual) items. In OH2.5 I have never seen such behavior.

  1. I created a new switch item over the main ui
  2. The item is not bound to a binding/channel
  3. If I switch the item ON then I see in the log messages which confirms the switch to ON
  4. If I switch the item off then nothing is logged. In the item overview in main ui the status is still ON

I can not figure out why this happens.

I hope the community can help me.



This sounds like the UI problem

a workaround

Thank you @rossko57 !
This was the right hint for me. I changed “Settings->API Security->Show Advanced->Implicit user role for unauthenticated requests ON” and SAVE.
Then it works for me. For information I am using Chrome on a desktop PC.