Unchangeble Username/Password in Bindings "MQTT" and "BSB-LAN"

Hello Community,

Version: OH 2.5.8
Bindings: MQTT and BSB-LAN

In both bindings one can configure a Bridge with a Username and Password (MQTT-Username or HTTP-Auth Username). I’m facing now the problem, that I can not change the Username or Password through PaperUI nor by configuring the Bridge through a *.things file. It’s allways filled out with a fixed value, that I do not know where it comes from.

What I tried is:

  • defining the Bridge through PaperUI or File
  • Cleaning the cache with openhab-cli clean-cache

Any hints where the Username is set that is used in these Bindings?
Thanks a lot!

If you configure a Thing from xxx.things file you cannot edit it from PaperUI, there might be some confusion about trying that.

It’s possible to configure a Thing in more than one xxx.things.file or in more than one place in the same xxx.things file. The last one found gets used. You might check for duplicates.

Thanks @rossko57 I made a search over all files and found a duplicate entry.