Underfloor heating valves possible settings?

I am living in a rental flat with underfloor heating and always wondered how to make this smart without spending too much money on it - now I came across this tutorial: https://www.lupus-electronics.de/de/moeglichkeiten/fussbodenheizung-automatisieren/
It supposes just putting a relay between the central controller and the valves in order to control them via the relay.
However using a relay actor implies that such a valve only knows “full on” or “full off”. Is this correct? Would be an easy and non-invasive way to make the underfloor heating smart.

Hi @peez80,

I use Homematic-IP for some years now and didn’t have change anything in my setup.
I connected the valves with the Actor (they have one for thermal valves and one for motorized valved) and replaced the WallSensors with the SmartSensors.

If you like (and I prefered that) you can use a RaspiBerry + RaspberryMatic instead of their CCU device for controling the devices and the hometic-binding to include it into OH 2.x

Depends on what you mean with “too much money” - but this was a good solution for me.

Yes but thermal valves/actuators are sufficient due to inertia in heating, and they’re cheap.
Combine with any ON/OFF radio actuator like a Shelly.

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