Understanding homekit-configuration of a thermostat

I found some time switching from alexa-hue to the official alexa openhab2 skill. With that I want to add controlling my Gira RTR over to alexa (Controlling it via sitemap functions well).

presently my heating.items Looks like this:

Group  gRTR_EG_WoZi		"Thermostat Wohnzimmer"				(RTR, EG_WoZi)				[ "Thermostat" ]
Number RTR_EG_WoZi_actualTemp	"Ist Wohnzimmer  [%.1f °C]"	<temperature>	(RTR, EG_WoZi, dTemp, gRTR_EG_WoZi)	[ "CurrentTemperature" ]		{ knx="<9.001:8/1/1" }
Number RTR_EG_WoZi_setTemp	"Soll Wohnzimmer [%.1f °C]"	<temperature>	(RTR, EG_WoZi, gRTR_EG_WoZi)		[ "TargetTemperature" ]			{ knx="9.001:8/1/2+<9.001:8/1/3" }
Number RTR_EG_WoZi_HVAC_mode	"Betriebsart Wohnzimmer"	<temperature>	(RTR, EG_WoZi, gRTR_EG_WoZi)		[ "homekit:HeatingCoolingMode" ]	{ knx="5.005:8/5/1+<5.005:8/5/11" }

If I understood correctly, I have to add a Group for each thermostat and then add all three child items. Alexa finds the “Thermostat Wohnzimmer”, but I’m not sure, if it’s correctly configured, because:

  • “Alexa, what is the temperature of Thermostat Wohnzimmer?” results to a temperature
  • If I say: “Alexa, what is the device Thermostat Wohnzimmer set to?" she tells me “Wohnzimmer” didn’t have that feature.

I guess, Alexa finds “Ist Wohnzimmer” for the actual temperature, but for the set temperature she won’t find it?

Hi Thomas,

I also use the KNX Binding and HomeKit, but since now not with the thermostat feature of HomeKit. Is your shown config running with HomeKit and the knx items?
I am not familiar with the knx hvac modes and the corresponding HomeKit modes. How do you solve this?

Thank you for your help!