Understanding OH2 / PaperUI by Sonos Channel / Item?

When I take a look at the Sonos Thing there is a single channel for PLAY / PAUSE / PREV / NEXT …

How would I create / use that now on a sitemap to use these different functions on the same channel?

or do I still need to create manual items for that like in oh1: ?
Switch PlayLivingRoom “Play/Pause” (Sonos) {sonos="[ON:living:play],[OFF:living:pause]"}
Switch next “Next track” (Sonos) {sonos="[ON:living:next]"}

thanks for some clarifying information :slight_smile:

since every channel has a filled circle, there should be 5 items already :slight_smile:

Thats not the question. I talk only about the specific channel/item “Control” (See blue marked on screenshot?)

The control channel is a Player item type.
Unfortunately, there isn’t a specific widget available yet, so Player items are only rendered if they are part of a dynamic group in the sitemap.

ok so in the meanwhile I added

on sitemap
Switch item=Sonos1 mappings=[1=Play, 2=Pause, 3=Previous, 4=Next]

rule "Sonos Selection"
	Item Sonos1 received command
	if (receivedCommand == 1) {
	if (receivedCommand == 2) {
	if (receivedCommand == 3) {
	if (receivedCommand == 4) {

I use this which does not require any rules.
Switch item=Group_Sonos_GR_Control label="Control" mappings=[PREVIOUS='<<', PLAY='>', PAUSE='||', NEXT='>>']

the accepted commands are:
PlayPauseType -> PLAY, PAUSE
RewindFastforwardType -> REWIND, FASTFORWARD
NextPreviousType -> NEXT, PREVIOUS

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Hello everybody,
Is there a way to link in *.items Sonos channel “control” commands (Play/Pause) with other channel from other binding drirectly like it was possible in OH1?
Switch PlayBureau "Play/Pause" (Sonos, GRdC_Bureau) {sonos="[ON:Bureau:play],[OFF:Bureau:pause]", knx="10/0/0"}

thank you