Unexpected behaviour with tasmota RGBWW bulb and MQTT

I have a couple of RGBWW bulbs that have been flashed with tasmota 8.1 and I am using MQTT and files to add the devices to openHAB and HomeKit. All of the controls for the bulb appear to be working in the PaperUI->Controls as well as in the Home app, but there is an unexpected behaviour with one of the bulbs.

Simply, all of the Bulb1 controls change both bulbs, but Bulb2 controls only change Bulb2. (I hope that is clear)

I suspect a syntax error in my things/items files, but I can’t seem to find anything in the documentation/community about it.

I am hoping someone more experienced can find my error.

Here is my Things file…

Bridge mqtt:broker:myBroker [ host="192.168.X.X", secure=false, username="<user>", password="<pass>" ] {
// Living Room Lamp 1
Thing mqtt:topic:livingRoomLamp1  "LR Lamp 1"
    { Channels:
        Type switch     : livingRoomLamp1Power      "LR Lamp 1: Power"              [ stateTopic="stat/livingRoomLamp1/POWER", commandTopic="cmnd/livingRoomLamp1/POWER" ]
        Type dimmer     : livingRoomLamp1Brightness "LR Lamp 1: Brightness"         [ stateTopic="stat/livingRoomLamp1/DIMMER", commandTopic="cmnd/livingRoomLamp1/DIMMER" ]
        Type dimmer     : livingRoomLamp1White      "LR Lamp 1: White"              [ stateTopic="stat/livingRoomLamp1/CT", commandTopic="cmnd/livingRoomLamp1/CT", min=153, max=500, step=10  ]
        Type colorHSB   : livingRoomLamp1Color      "LR Lamp 1: Color"              [ stateTopic="stat/livingRoomLamp1/HSBColor", commandTopic="cmnd/livingRoomLamp1/HSBColor" ]

// Living Room Lamp 2
Thing mqtt:topic:livingRoomLamp2  "LR Lamp 2"
    { Channels:
        Type switch     : livingRoomLamp2Power      "LR Lamp 2: Power"              [ stateTopic="stat/livingRoomLamp2/POWER", commandTopic="cmnd/livingRoomLamp2/POWER" ]
        Type dimmer     : livingRoomLamp2Brightness "LR Lamp 2: Brightness"         [ stateTopic="stat/livingRoomLamp2/DIMMER", commandTopic="cmnd/livingRoomLamp2/DIMMER" ]
        Type dimmer     : livingRoomLamp2White      "LR Lamp 2: White"              [ stateTopic="stat/livingRoomLamp2/CT", commandTopic="cmnd/livingRoomLamp2/CT", min=153, max=500, step=10  ]
        Type colorHSB   : livingRoomLamp2Color      "LR Lamp 2: Color"              [ stateTopic="stat/livingRoomLamp2/HSBColor", commandTopic="cmnd/livingRoomLamp2/HSBColor" ]

Here is my Items file…

// Living Room Lamp 1
Switch  livingRoomLamp1Power        "LR Lamp 1: Power"              ["Lighting"]    { channel="mqtt:topic:livingRoomLamp1:livingRoomLamp1Power" }
Dimmer  livingRoomLamp1Brightness   "LR Lamp 1: Brightness"         ["Lighting"]    { channel="mqtt:topic:livingRoomLamp1:livingRoomLamp1Brightness" }
Dimmer  livingRoomLamp1White        "LR Lamp 1: White"              ["Lighting"]    { channel="mqtt:topic:livingRoomLamp1:livingRoomLamp1White" }
Color   livingRoomLamp1Color        "LR Lamp 1: Color"              ["Lighting"]    { channel="mqtt:topic:livingRoomLamp1:livingRoomLamp1Color" }

// Living Room Lamp 2
Switch  livingRoomLamp2Power        "LR Lamp 2: Power"              ["Lighting"]    { channel="mqtt:topic:livingRoomLamp2:livingRoomLamp2Power" }
Dimmer  livingRoomLamp2Brightness   "LR Lamp 2: Brightness"         ["Lighting"]    { channel="mqtt:topic:livingRoomLamp2:livingRoomLamp2Brightness" }
Dimmer  livingRoomLamp2White        "LR Lamp 2: White"              ["Lighting"]    { channel="mqtt:topic:livingRoomLamp2:livingRoomLamp2White" }
Color   livingRoomLamp2Color        "LR Lamp 2: Color"              ["Lighting"]    { channel="mqtt:topic:livingRoomLamp2:livingRoomLamp2Color" }

When I look at the messages in MQTT Explorer, I see the command…


and then a state for both bulbs…

     RESULT = {"POWER":"OFF"}
     POWER = OFF
     RESULT = {"POWER":"OFF"}
     POWER = OFF

Everything looks good in the files so I would try moving one of the bulbs to a separate things file or change the name to something that’s not as similar.

Also, what version of OH are you on? If not on 2.5 then give OH a restart after making a change to the files. You may want to try cleaning the cache as well.


I cleared the cache and separated the things and items into a few files (livingroom.things, diningroom.things, etc) and that seems to have worked. As the files were not super complex, I am going to assume it was the cache.

Thanks for your help.

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