Unexpected events this morning

Hi, at about 5am this morning all my devices, lights, heating all came on and Alexa went to volume 10 and started shouting something!
I switched everything off using the app, and a few minutes later all the lights etc came on again. After a few repeats I got up and rebooted the raspberry. And then it happened again! So I disconnected the internet and went back to bed.
A few hours later I reconnected the internet and all is fine.

Looking at the logs I can see items gettting On commands but have no idea where they are coming from, there is also this:
2021-01-24 05:05:33.723 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - Echo_Living_Room_StartCommand changed from to GoodMorning
yet I’ve not got GoodMorning built into any rules, so no clue how that got there.

So I wondering has anyone else had somehing similar happen? I wonder if it is myopenHAB as saw a post about service disruptions (myopenHAB Service Disruptions - #13 by Sunny) could that be it or did I get hacked?

Is there anyway to turn on more logging so I can see where comands are comming from?

I am on v2.5x
binding = http1,mqtt,ntp,gpio1,amazonechocontrol,rfxcom
misc = openhabcloud
Alexa has Openhab skill, but I don’t think it’s anything to do with Alexa as some items came on that Alexa can’t control.

Sorry it’s such a random question, wasn’t really sure where to post it!

You could try setting the openhabcloud binding to trace logging and then checking your log file to see if you are getting commands from that service.

FYI, I still have the login issue with myopenhab but the cloud connection appears to be working fine and I only get the Alexa commands being sent in via openhab cloud.

Thanks for the suggestion, I’ve enabled the logging in case it happens again.