Unifi binding


I’ve installed the unifi binding and I couldn’t get it to work. This is my item:


Contact	Server_Jeroen "Jeroen [MAP(unifi.map):%s]" <presence> (gUnifi) {channel="unifi:client:Unifi_Controller:Server_Jeroen:online"}

and my Thing:


Bridge unifi:controller:Unifi_Controller "Unifi Controller:hier" [host="", username="username", password="xxxx", port=8443, refresh=10]
    Thing client Server_Jeroen "Jeroen"	[mac="10:44:00:95:c0:b6", considerHome=180]

and my sitemap:

Text item=Server_Jeroen

I can’t figure out what i"m doing wrong. I used a contact and even a switch but it doesn’t work.


Consider taking out your pwd+Login from your post.


Bridge unifi:controller:home "Unifi Controller:hier" [host="", username="x", password="y", port=8443, refresh=10]

this is the only thing I have different from your configuration.


just a note (I haven’t tested this myself): the binding will not monitor LAN hosts… only WLAN ones

Ref: Ubiquiti Unifi Binding Feature Discussion

You can use the network binding if you want to monitor your server

I believe this is true.

It seems to only pull clients from aps, rather than all, for if you have a USG/switch.

Thanks Kurt I did remove my username and password. That was a bit stupid.

@Dim the item Server_Jeroen is my phone. So it’s a wireless client