UniFi CloudKey camera proxy for OpenHAB

If you’re using UniFi Protect Video and want to wire up motion events to OpenHAB this is for you.

This is a stand-alone console application that polls the CloudKey, and pushes motion events and disk usage data to OpenHAB items, via the REST api.

I’m a .NET kinda guy. This was my way of solving for this problem, since I’m not really up to developing an OpenHAB plugin. Maybe someone with the right chops will look at this code and create a plugin.

Note: There are builds for both Windows and Linux. I don’t have a Linux system to test with, so please let me know if you have issues.

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I don’t use UniFi Protect but I took a quick look at the repo and must say, looks good to me :slight_smile:

Big thanks for the work and open sourcing it.


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