I just updated to 3.1.0.M2 - Milestone Build this morning while trying to resolve a frontail problem, and I cannot get the Unifi binding working.


My things were created via text file, but I removed them, removed the binding, reinstalled the binding and manually created the thing in MainUI and still receive the same error.

I’m not sure if I touched anything else that would cause the problem. I’m going to try to change the log level later when I have a chance, but thought I’d relay the issue if anyone else has experienced.

I appeared to resolve this the other night by enabling Unifi OS in the Controller Thing properties and then disabling it. HTH

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Thanks. DIdn’t work for me. A fresh install of openhabian 3.0.1 on another box was able to connect without problems.

just noticed some additional info on the thing page:


that did the trickt to me , thanks Rob

For sake of clarity: in your things file, you need to add unifios=“true”, then unifios=“false”




I experienced this also after upgrading to 3.1. For me it was sufficient to add "unifios=“false” to my things file. From UI I needed to enable, save, disable, save.

I have created an issue:

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I just pressed “Save” on the Bridge in the UI and it worked

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