Unit m/s

I have a channel type

	<channel-type id="forecasted-wind-speed">
		<label>Forecasted Wind Speed</label>
		<description>Forecasted wind speed.</description>
		<state readOnly="true" pattern="%.1f %unit%" />

This is now displaying km/s and i want it in m/s.
I do not understand how to do according to https://www.eclipse.org/smarthome/documentation/concepts/units-of-measurement.html


I believe you need to define your Item as Number:Speed and in the label use [%d m/s]. Unfortunately I don’t know how to use them in Rules as well. @vzorglub, do you have an example handy? You are the foremost UoM expert I know on the forum.

I have never dealt with UoM in things definitions. I use the GUI for things.
km/s is surprising though because the default unit is km/h

What does the binding return as a raw value? Is is in m/s or what unit?


According to documentation above it should be:

Number:Speed windspeed "Windspeed [%.1f m/s]" { channel="...#wind-speed" }

Sorry i meant km/h.


I thought that i could do something with Number:Speed to get other Units, otherwise i can just use Number.


I am also wondering if i can get the System State Channel Types

			<channel id="ws" typeId="system.wind-speed" />

to display in m/s or do i have to create a channel-type?


That’s up to the user.
If you provide a channel with the default unit (ie. km/h) then it’s up to the user to convert in m/s or knots or moot/fortnight

I want it to display correct even it is automatic created in PaperUi.


You are giving yourself more work, let the system work for you