Unit tests vs integration test and OSGi

I have a question about migration and unit/integration tests. Currently OH-core has tests moved pretty much 1:1 and we have plenty of itests/org.openhab.core....tests modules. When I take a look on some classes there I don’t see any real integration tests.
To name few org.eclipse.smarthome.core.net.NetUtilTest or org.eclipse.smarthome.core.types.SmartHomeUnitsTest - are fairly basic unit tests which could stay in standard maven project layout.

What is plan for these and overall recommendation in longer run?
What is recommendation for integration tests? Are we bring ourselves into situation where we need to maintain multiple bndrun files just like it used to be with launch configurations before?

itests should contain tests that needs an OSGi runtime.

Pure unit tests should be part of the project itself in a subdirectory of src/test/java.

If you identify non-OSGi tests that are part of integration tests please feel free to create PRs to migrate them to the specific project.

On the migration I don’t read every test file.

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