Units Powermeter - Items (kWh, Watt, CT-Volkszähler)

Dear Forum!

i ask you for HELP cause i’m to stupid to add w or kWh to values i recive from my “Tasmota Powermeter-Readout Device” as it was described as “Volkszaehler” in CT(Computer-Technik Magazine, see Ebay-Link below)
In “Code” of this “Thing” is written:

UID: mqtt:homeassistant_xxxxxx:xxxxxxxxxx:xxxxxx
label: Stromzaehler
thingTypeUID: mqtt:homeassistant_xxxxxx
- sensor/1E847C_MT681_Power_p1
- sensor/1E847C_MT681_Power_p2
- sensor/1E847C_MT681_Power_p3
- sensor/1E847C_status
- switch/1E847C_RL_1
- sensor/1E847C_MT681_Meter_id
- sensor/1E847C_MT681_Power_cur
- sensor/1E847C_MT681_Total_in
- sensor/1E847C_MT681_Total_out
basetopic: homeassistant
bridgeUID: mqtt:broker:xxxxxxxxx
location: Zaehlerschrank

For example, one of the connected Items is:
Label: Stromzaehler MT681 Total_in
Type: Number:Energy
Semantic Class: POINT
Semantic Property: ENERGY

But the Number is without unit, for my jomjol Watermeter it workedwith m³ but this “THING” is driving me insane…
Please help me!


Have you set the Item’s State Description pattern? When no unit is provided by the Thing, that determines what unit the Item will use.