Universal Tuya binding?

i own a iTVanila Dehumidifer which contains a Tuya Wifi module.

Actually i only found some solutions for bulbs and power sockets but not for dehumidifier.
Anybody know a script which contains the required functions?

I already got the key from app but thats all.

I don’t have much first hand experience but from what I’ve seen all the tuya type devices use the dps settings. I don’t think they have to be binary and I’ve seen TheAgentK use those settings in quite complicated ways when it comes to lights. You can ask the devices for a schema, which should tell the current state of it’s dps, their range and type so you know which ones to play with. I don’t know of any scripts that support advanced functionality. I just give users the ability to enter whatever dps settings they like. To start you just need to run two commands to scan the network and then get the state and dps settings of all the devices. You need to have the app on your phone off since that can cause them to encrypt their state broadcasts.

npm install unparagoned/njsTuya

node node_modules/njstuya

You may need sudo to install. To set the device values is a bit more complicated.

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