Unknown device FGDW-002

hi all,

i’ve just received my aeotec z-stick gen5 and fibaro door window sensor 2.
adding z-stick went flawlessly
unfortunately no matter what i do, fibaro is still unknown.
OH2 is able to read all it’s id codes but device still remains unknown
i’ve checked the database and that sensor is present there

any ideas how can i add it?

battery devices take a while, sometimes - try waking it up multiple times, held within a couple of feet of the z-stick

yes, I know - I did some googling prior to opening a new topic.
Thing is, however, that this sensor is literally next to the z-stick and been there whole night.
I’d woken it up a couple of times and it’s still unknown.

It’s been inluded into my network and I can see all its properties (manufacturer id, device type, device id etc etc) it’s just that it’s still unknown.

And from what I gathered it is a sign that a device is not in the database, but I checked and it is present in the DB, so I have no idea what is wrong.

please also take into considereation that I have just begun my journey through openHAB en Z-wave worlds :wink:

here, screenshot of device’s properties

So, some battery devices left on their own can take days to be fully recognized. And it can take over a dozen wakeups for some devices.

When was the device added to the database? It may have been added after the verison of OH you are running. You might need to run the snapshot to get the latest DB.

29 days ago

forgive me for asking, but… how do I do that? :smiley:

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Assuming you are on Linux:


Use the “Snapshot Release” repo instructions.

On other platforms or a manual install, download the Snapshot verison at the link of the manual installation instrucitons for your platform.

so I ran the snapshot (I think) and my sensor is still unknown.
moreover, inbox shows it 4x

Z-Wave Node 2 (010F:0702:1000:3.2)
Unknown Device

Z-Wave Node 3 (010F:0702:1000:3.2)
Unknown Device

Z-Wave Node 4 (010F:0702:1000:3.2)
Unknown Device

Z-Wave Node 6 (010F:0702:1000:3.2)
Unknown Device

am I doing something wrong?
How can I get it working?

This is probably because you included it 4 times - they each have different node IDs. If you clear the inbox it should be ok, unless of course you didn’t exclude it each time…

@chris I cleared the inbox, and now I don’t see it listed 4 times - so that’s OK
I also didn’t touch the configuration for past 30 hours, just waking up the device periodically.
Unfortunately it’s still an ‘unknown device’. see screenshot

is it normal that it takes so long for a device to be recognized?
is there anything I can do to have it up and running?

No - I would say you are running an old binding. The binding has discovered everything it needs to know to discover the device, so the fact that it’s still unknown is not related to the discovery.

@chris I’m using Z-wave binding 2.0.0
installed it through addons->bindings in PaperUI

Ok, then this confirms why it’s not working - you need to use a newer binding to use this device.

this is a bit confusing for a first-time user like me
i’ve installed this binding, assuming it’s the latest version. Since that’s not the case - why is outdated version available for download?

As for the newest version of the binding: I found your github project. Having read similar topics here on manual installation of bindings, I was expecting to find some .jar files I should drop to “addons” folder?

You need to use the snapshot as was explained above, and you previously did say you were using the snapshot version -:

If you really haven’t done this, then I guess you have the latest RELEASED version. The last RELEASE was from January, so you have a database from January. If you want to use the latest code with changes since the last release, then you need to use the SNAPSHOT version. This is built daily and contains regular updates.

If you use the snapshot installation (check the docs for how to do this) then you can easily install the latest binding from PaperUI. Again, this was posted above by @rlkoshak).

I ended up going back to square 1: reinstalled OH2, made sure I was using latest snapshot, (re)added the sensor and now the sensor is recognised and am getting data out of it :slight_smile:

TY all for pointing me out in the right direction :+1: