Unknown Device Go Control WA00Z-1 Remote Switch

The database update mentioned above was performed a couple of hours ago, the newest version of the development binding is from 2017-06-18.

So the database changes have not made it yet into the binding. You need to wait :grin:

If you really have resetted (hard resetted) your controller, you need to start from scratch anyway, because all your devices are gone. A hard reset is almost never needed to solve zwave problems.

If your openHAB instance is unresponsive you should restore a backup (which you hopefully did make before updating as recommended in every update tutorial).

Otherwise make a backup now, install from scratch and put back only your config folders like mentioned in the docs:
http://docs.openhab.org/installation/linux.html#backup-and-restore (for repo installs)
http://docs.openhab.org/installation/linux.html#upgrade-backup-and-restore (for manual installs)

I performed a soft reset of the control. The zwave devices that have been present from the beginning are still present, online and responsive. I just can’t add anything new to the zwave network, not even a hard wired GE switch, which I have 6 of working just fine. I know they are in the database, but for some reason openhab will not import them when I put the system in discovery mode.

There are issues at the moment with certain combinations between runtime and dev binding.
Maybe you are affected of this.