Unknown device: Telldus Plug-in Switch Mini, TZWP-102

My new Telldus Plug-in Switch Mini seems to me not to be in the z-wave device list. I am running Openhab 2.3.0 on a Raspberry pi.I have tried several times to include/exclude the device, waking it up and restarted the system, also I have upgraded the system and uninstalled/installed the Z-wave binding. I found a configuration file of the device here: https://www.cd-jackson.com/index.php/zwave/zwave-device-database/zwave-device-list/devicesummary/863?layout=openhab2
I am a beginner on Openhab. Is there any simple way to include the device?

No, it’s there:

Looks like it is a pretty new device so you may need to update to the latest snapshot binding version.
If you are on openHAB stable, uninstall the zwave binding, download the snapshot jar and put it in your addons folder.

Thank you for answer. I will try to install the snapshot, even if I am not familiar with the procedure yet.

Installing the snapshot worked. To install the snapshot I followed the instructions in this post.

Thanks for the help!

Hi all,
I am also using many Z-Wave Telldus TZWP-102 Mini switches. Some with Firmware 1.11 and some with 1.12. The problem I have is that there are 10 parameters listed in the Telldus user manual, while only 5 available in HABmin/PaperUI. This limits the ability to control measurement rates and power treshold. Is there a newer configuration version then what’s in the OH Z-Wave 2.5.1 Binding, or is there a chance that the missing parameters could be added soon?

Please provide your xml file and a pdf manual for that node.

I have no xml file but here is the URL to the manual:

Sorry, a bit quick. What XML file did you expect, and where do I find it in the OH 2.5.1 on my RPi4B?

Then openHAB has not fully discovered the device. We need the file generated by OH to update the database. The xml file should be in the zwave directory of userdata.

There must definitely be a file present somewhere covering the first 5 parameters, but the last 5 are missing. There is a reference to a version the Telldus XML file in the first entry of this topic. See above. Sorry, but I am not very familiar with Linux search so it will be a bit of pain for me to run a search.

As you suspect new parameters for your device we need YOUR xml file to find the firmware version and probably new command classes.
With a standard openHABian setup you should have easy access to that file through samba

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Found a XML file that relates to a node using the Telldus device in mention, but not sure though if is a relevant file?

network_eed850ab__node_14.xml (11.6 KB)

Looks correct to me.

Thx, done:


Problem was that the initial contributor who added the device to the database did not complete all the data from the manual (he is now on my forum ignore list :male_detective: )

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Excellent sihui , Thanks,
I can see the parameters added, but I’m using HABmin for configuration, so how to make the additional parameters appear in HABmin? I guess that’s not something I can do, or…?

  1. The database is usually exported once a week and then picked up in a 2.5.2 snapshot binding build.
  2. You can then uninstall your zwave binding and manually install the snapshot binding.
  3. Delete the Thing from OH (do NOT exclude).
  4. Rediscover the Thing to get the new discovery parameters.
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Thanks, perfect!
I know how to uninstall a binding, and I found the 2.5.2 snapshots here https://ci.openhab.org/job/openHAB-Distribution/ (right?), but how do I know if/when the zwave update in mention is included, and is there a working cookbook (URL) on how to install snapshots?
Also, how risky are these snapshots? Just trying to stay out of more trouble.

You did not read point 1. The database was last exported to GitHub 7 days ago, before that change.
You then wait for a snapshot to be built sometime after the export time.

I have not had a chance to try the new 2.5.1 addon system. I would recommend you be on 2.5.1 before trying an addons snapshot.

Thanks for the info.