Unknown Devices Leviton

I had 26 z-wave devices running off a Leviton Omni controller and just excluded and removed the old network and included and moved them over to OpenHAB with an Aeotec z-stick Gen 5 controller.
Most of the other Leviton devices are working great except for 4. Two Leviton VRR15-1LZ Receptacles and Two Leviton VRS05-1LZ Switch’s. They included and paired without a problem but show up as unknown devices.
How can they be added to the OpenHAB system so they work?

A first step will be to put the zwave binding into debug logging and post the logs during startup here.

I don’t see the VRR15, but the VRS05 is in the database, but missing a lot of important information. Here is some guidance for adding/updating devices in the database, which is needed for them to show up in OH:


I keep trying to post my log and get an error 502.

I tried half the log and still did not work. What part are you looking for?