Unknown error on Startup

I was trying OH2-online yesterday. I simply installed some random components via UI. I noticed that whenever I execute start_debug.sh (in Ubuntu 14.04), following error occures in terminal:

no libsigar-amd64-linux.so in java.library.path
org.hyperic.sigar.SigarException: no libsigar-amd64-linux.so in java.library.path
	at org.hyperic.sigar.Sigar.loadLibrary(Sigar.java:172)
	at org.hyperic.sigar.Sigar.<clinit>(Sigar.java:100)
	at org.openhab.binding.systeminfo.internal.SysteminfoBinding.initializeSystemMonitor(SysteminfoBinding.java:414)
	at org.openhab.binding.systeminfo.internal.SysteminfoBinding.updated(SysteminfoBinding.java:408)
	at org.apache.felix.cm.impl.helper.ManagedServiceTracker.updated(ManagedServiceTracker.java:189)
	at org.apache.felix.cm.impl.helper.ManagedServiceTracker.updateService(ManagedServiceTracker.java:152)
	at org.apache.felix.cm.impl.helper.ManagedServiceTracker.provideConfiguration(ManagedServiceTracker.java:85)
	at org.apache.felix.cm.impl.ConfigurationManager$ManagedServiceUpdate.provide(ConfigurationManager.java:1444)
	at org.apache.felix.cm.impl.ConfigurationManager$ManagedServiceUpdate.run(ConfigurationManager.java:1400)
	at org.apache.felix.cm.impl.UpdateThread.run0(UpdateThread.java:143)
	at org.apache.felix.cm.impl.UpdateThread.run(UpdateThread.java:110)
	at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:745)

The wiki page for this binding does not appear to agree with the latest state of the source code, in that the wiki page says

The SystemInformation binding does not include SIGAR native libraries currently. The platform dependent Sigar native libraries can be found here for several platforms (see sigar-bin/lib folder). The Pre-built libraries need to be moved into the ${openhabhome]/lib folder.

but all of the native libraries are in fact packaged in the bundle JAR. For the current binding, you would have to add the appropriate native library libsigar-amd64-linux.so to a path from which shared libraries can be loaded.

A big improvement to this binding would be to instead use the Bundle-NativeCode instruction in the JAR’s MANIFEST.MF, so that the OSGi container would extract and use the already packaged native shared library for your platform. This would avoid any need to install anything but the binding JAR in order to use the binding. I will create a pull request to add this enhancement to the System Info binding.

In the meantime, you will have to put the referenced shared library in a directory that is searched for shared libraries.

I’ve submitted a pull request that should simplify installing and using the Systeminfo binding. You should no longer need to manually download and install native libraries as described in the wiki. I could really use help testing this JAR on different platforms to ensure correct function. Instructions and a test JAR are located in the pull request. Thank you for any help and feedback you can provide.