Unknown z-wave devices from OH2.5 to 3.0

I am starting with a fresh installation of OH3. Several of my nodes including several hardwired (ie, not battery) nodes did not appear correctly. They are unknown now (but appear fine when I swap back out to my 2.5 setup). Many nodes made the transition just fine.

I’ve tried a soft reset of the stick as well as deleting the discovered items, rescanning, and re-adding them, all to no avail. I’m happy to post logs but am unclear what I should be attempting to do during the logging period.

I haven’t been able to stumble upon any success sifting through previous posts. Any help is, as always, appreciated.
openhab.log (96.8 KB)

Maybe this is related to a problem i had about two weeks ago. I had to install the latest Snapshot Version of the Z Wave Binding.

Have a look here: [SOLVED] OH3 ZWave Binding is unable to find Technisat Dimmer

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