Unknown ZWave device & add channels

Hi @chris, I added a Zwave switch to openhab and the device appeared as unknown device. The device is a simple on/off 1 gang switch.

I’m using OpenHab 2 on Pi, where do I find the xml file? Once I gotten the xml file, can I just email you?

The binding seems ok, I can see the manufacturer name.


Just to supplement, I found 1 of the configuration file here:

but I added 2 different devices, I can’t find the xml of another device, anybody has any idea?

There is information here on how to add devices into the database. It’s appreciated if you can do this yourself otherwise I could easily spend all my time updating the database ;).

What is the other device? Is it a battery device? If so, then it will need to be woken up a few times to allow the binding to read all the information from it.

It’s a 1 gang switch from U-fairy. I noted the DB has the 2 gang switch.

Let me grab the debug log and upload here later

Ah - so you mean both devices are the same type? I thought you meant you’d added two different devices…

Ok - thanks.

One is Zooz zwave sensor, the other is zwave switch

seems like I cant upload zip file here, so I emailed you the file.