Unlock zwave lock with IFTT and Openhab

Rasberrry Pi Openhab image…Hey folks. I got the Yale Real Living YRD220 opening with Openhab in another post. Enabled openhab to work with IFTT in myopenhab. Now I am trying to get Alexa to open front door. II enabled lock to work with IFTT, found applet that triggers openhab from alexa. When I configure applet lock is available in drop down and I can see lock in “which item” drop down. But I have no idea what command to send it (the zwave format) to unlock? I sent this just to try: zwave:device:24d4ef64:node7:lock_door

Anyone savvy with zwave commands??

You don’t need to worry about “the zwave format”. There’s no way to directly send a zwave command - you just interact with openhab items.

Again, I don’t think you need to be “savvy” with ZWave commands - these are not exposed outside of the ZWave binding. You will “simply” need to set the lock item to ON or OFF to lock and unlock.

Oh thanks…Not sure why this turned into two posts…was supposed to be one. I will give it a shot. Thanks again.

So Im still trying to get this to work. Openhab is setup with IFTTT. Alexa as well. My Yale lock works with Openhab controls and with Openhab panel so I know that works. Created say specific phrase trigger for Alexa in IFTTT. Phrase is “unlock front door”. I select Zwave device in drop down published from my Openhab which is front door. And for command I tried both “on” and “off”. Am I sending right command??

I’m not familiar with IFTTT and OH, but I would guess you’d need to be sending ON or OFF. Do you have a specific requirement for IFTTT? If you’re already on myopenhab, just install the Alexa skill for OH and configure the lock item with tags for Alexa to recognize it. This should be a lot more responsive than IFTTT.