Unrecognized rebranded Z-wave device: Foxx SDB45-ZWEU

I have a water sensor named Foxx DSB45-ZWEU. It appears to be a rebranded AEON Labs DSB45. It looks identical and the model number sort of gives it away. No matter how I poke at it, it remains an “Unknown Device”.

I’m pretty new to OpenHAB. How are these things normally handled? Do I find some identifier that has to be registered in the database of devices?

Correct - please see here for information.

Alright, I’ll dive right in! Thanks for the quick reply!

The database was helpful, but not in the way I expected. I went straight to the device page about the original Aeon device and found this nugget:

To wake up the sensor, don’t push the wake up button, as it does nothing. Instead, tap the zwave button once. Use wake up button to put back to sleep immediately.

So, I hit the zwave button. Immediately, the device was recognized by OpenHAB. I feel like such a noob.

Anyway, thanks for the help!