Unsupported board type on first boot RPI4_8GB

I recently received a RPI4_8G and wanted to test Openhab on it. I used the openhabian SD card image V1.5 with etcher but fails to boot on startup. The led warning codes learned me that I have an unsupported board type.

(4 long flashes and 4 short flashes): https://www.raspberrypi.org/forums/viewtopic.php?p=437084#p437084

I could not find any explanation what an unsupported board type error means… Any ideas?

Because of that I started with some struggling manually installing everything.(Rasbian lite;Zulu java8, Samba,…) it works but with no linux experience I still have some features not working.

For this reason I would like to find out why the “hassle”-free setup isn’t working on my hassle -free RPI4

I use a Samsung SDXC 64gb card. Atm I don’t have another sdcard tot test with.

RPI powersupply

Thank you in advance!

The image was likely based on an older version of Raspian Lite. @mstormi could confirm.

Install Raspian Lite and then install OpenHABian following the Linux installation instructions. Run openhabian-config and you basically have the same system.

RPi4/8GB is brand new, bleeding edge that is called for a reason.
Why do people expect a 1yr old kernel to work with that :roll_eyes: (you’re not the first).

Try the beta image from here.
Note: DEVELOPMENT version, NO WARRANTIES ! You must not expect hassle-free-ness.

(then again, it’s essentially just the old Raspbian image replaced with the latest one so it’ll probably work)

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Maybe it´s because it´s annouced as an Rpi4 with 8Gb Ram, which under normal circumstances would mean the same, but with more memory, which again, normally wouldnt call for a new kernel/OS.

(Normally in this case means computers in over-all (like a PC wouldnt call for a new OS/kernel just because of more memory added).

Not all people have the same knowledge!!

Exactly this. I had a suspicion and couldn’t find any clear answer regarding the compatability of the 8Gb version that’s why I asked.

Anyway ty all for the input. I will try the beta image just because I love hassling :blush:

Great! You’re welcome to take on any of https://github.com/openhab/openhabian/labels/help%20wanted then, too. Leave a feedback here or there.

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Hi all,
Saw this thread about a hassle free Pi4 8GB, never heard of one of them.
I have purchased one pi 4 and that’s the 4 GB and have had nothing but trouble with it and the Foundation seems to have washed their hands of it, offering hours of messing about trying to fix it.
Mine, still will not start with a powered hub plugged in, wifi only works if I put a dongle in it and it seems to be at times very sluggish and hard work and I still haven’t found any credible fix’s.
I have it in one corner of my office monitoring one thing, it’s nearer the door, next stop rubbish bin.
Give me a Pi3B+ any day of the week, smooth, fast and reliable.
I also have a Pi2B, excellent but for some reason now is giving me the error unsupported board ??? and after re-booting it has frozen on the rainbow screen with the combination of flashing 4 & 4 green light, sorry guy’s I’m not expecting a fix here just wanted to get that off my chest.
Stay well.