Unusable Dimmer for Rollershutter


I am using openhab on my raspberrypi, and I use http binding for my beckhoff:
Dimmer LamellenDachEG “Lamellendach: [%d %%]” (EG) { http="<[beckhoff:2000:JSONPATH($.ActPositionMarkise)] >[*:GET:https://xxx$s{Authorization=Basic xxy==}]" }

I made a php website to set position in percent. 100% closed, 0% opened.
So on my sitemap it looks like a dimmer, and is hard to use, because if you want to have 99% (just a little bit opened, not 100%), it is not possible on my mobile phone.


are there any other controls for that kind of usage?

I am using “selection” with mappings on my sitemap

Selection item=Kippfenster_WG label="Kippfenster [%d %%]" icon="rollershutter" mappings=[ 0="Zu", 50="50%", 100="100% offen" ]

You could map some more positions, but 1% makes not really sense for me.

thanks, can you give me an image how it looks like ?

Yes of course: