UoM - converting values

An item receives from SNMP binding a dimensionless number which represents KBytes (e.g. 239000000).
I want the item to represent values as GBytes, so I did the following:

  • added Unit metadata and set the unit to „KiB“ according to the UoM documentation
  • added state description, pattern %.1f GiB
    However, the item shows 0.2 GiB instead of 239 GiB.
    Where is my error?

The Item type is what?

What do you see the Item changing to in events.log?

Where does the Item show the 0.2 GiB?

Sorry, I forgot to mention that I set the number type to Number:DataAmount

Another info (I wasn’t aware that changes on item definition raise a warning) from the log:

Unit 'KiB' could not be parsed to a known unit. Keeping old unit 'B' for item …

even KB did not work, too.

When the item changes its value the log file says:

'SNMPnas_SSD1StorageUsed' changed from 85809955 B to 85819987 B

OK, KiB isn’t already a known unit so you have to add a * to it to show the multiplication of the units.


If it’s defaulting to Bytes that explains the discrepancy in the conversion.

I found out that kiB is working (as opposed to the documentation). Is this a bug or is documentation wrong?

Probably the documentation is wrong. If you look at the base 10 kilo prefix it uses the lower case k in the docs too.

Ok, committed two changes on Github