Up down and stop buttons

Hello all, I would like to make some up and down arrows as buttons to control a roller shutter and a thermostat.
The shutter item is rollershutter ad the thermostat is setpoit.
For the shutter I’ll need a stop point too.
I tried to find some info here but all the threads are to difficult to follow, too many posts or the discussions are about the design of habpannel so please help.
Any advise kindly appreciated.

I don’t know if the order is the same for everyone, but the very first entry in the Gallery (click on “Get More” at the bottom of the “Add Widget” menu is exactly the sort of widget you describe. You can import it directly from there and the instructions seem pretty simple and self explanatory. What specifically are you having issues with?

Thanks for the fast reply, I’ll take a look in that menu but the question was if there is possible to use that arrows to control items like rollershutter or a danfoss thermostat with set point item.
Thanks again!

There is no such thing as a “set point” Item. You can have a Number Item. You can control what commands get sent to what Items so it should work with any Item type.


I made a widget for my Danfoss Thermostat. It uses temperature and battery state. I didn’t find one in the widget gallery, so I tried out for myself. Maybe you want to have a look.

Thanks man, I take a look for sure, where do I need to copy this css file?
I finally found the roller widget and even is not what I want for now it works.
I have a new strange thing that is happening: I configured a new habpannel on my laptop using the demo ground floor and when I access the habpannel on my phone or a old tablet I see the old habpannel configured a few years ago when I was using oh 1.x !
Do I have to set widget by widget on each device I load habpannel or its enough to set it up on pc and than appears same thing on all devices? Now accessing the habpannel on laptop habpannel is the new one and on my phone and an old tablet is the old one configured years ago no matter what I use: chrome, Mozilla, safari, so on.
Could anyone please light me up?
Thanks in advance

maybe, I can hrlp you with the first issue:

->click the gearwheel ->New Widget -> copy to “code”

hi man, just tried your widget and no success. i made a new widget and just copied the code and than save and execute in habpanel but it says NaN or N/A. i than tried to replace the item name inside the code according to my heater items but again no movement, its just saying NaN. also creating this widget this way it doesn’t give you the possibility to select the item from the items list as the other widgets.
what is that i miss?
thanks .