UPB Binding on openHAB2

Has anyone successfully gotten the UPB binding (version 1.9.0, which is what shows up in paper UI and is the latest I could find) working on openHAB2?

If it shows up in paper ui it works, short of bugs of course. Each binding goes through at least some basic testing before it is listed among the official bindings.

OK, I guess that’s a good sign, but I’ve been totally unsuccessful. After installing the UPB binding through paper ui, it does not show up in the bindings list (I’ve done the same with Z-Wave, network, and a couple of others, and all worked as expected). I tried to find docs on UPB for OH2, but could only find OH1 stuff. I tried to “extrapolate” that to OH2, but nothing I did resulted in anything–good or bad. Any ideas where I might find some relevant docs or other info that might at least help me troubleshoot?

All 1.x version bindings are identical to what runs in OH 1.x. they work exactly the same. You will not see anything about them in paper ui. You will not have things it channels. All the 1.x docs still apply.

Hi eric972,
Following up on this thread, I’m curious if you had any success with the UPB Binding on openHAB2. I have a working OpenHab2 instance running on a Synology Disk Station however I’ve running into similar issues as you describe above. Were you able to get the binding working? Any tricks or tips?