UPB Network Password

Does the UPB binding allow for the use of a UPB network password? I do not see the UPB password referenced in the documentation

It is an old. likely abandoned v1 binding that only supports simple devices, according to the documentation.
Version 1 binding are planned to be not available on OpenHAB3 when it is released.

I think it’s more accurate to say “may not be available”. I do not believe a definitive decision has been made one way or the other. And even if they are not supported on OH3, there will be some sort of bridge to allow them to still be used (e.g. federating between an OH 2 and OH 3 instance where the OH 2 instance works kind of like zigbee2mqtt for the 1.x bindings).

There may be a bridge of some sorts but I thought v1 bindings needed to disappear so OH can use a more recent Java version.
I thought I would state that caution before somebody invests a lot of time & money on this.

The UPB password is only used when attempting configure a UPB device which you would not do from OpenHAB, configuration is done via UPStart