Upcoming 1.8.2 Bugfix Release


fyi: i am going to release another Bugfix-Release on coming Sunday, 13th. Please speak up if your are missing any 1.9 fixes to be cherry-picked or anything else missing.

Best, Thomas E.-E.

Hi Thomas,

Could we expect a ZWave database sync between master and 1.8 ? It should help for many devices.

Maybe we have to ask @chris ?


yep, definitely :slight_smile:

I’ll generate a single PR into the 1.8.2 branch with just the database updated… I’ll do it later in the week though if that’s ok…


great thanks!

Hi Thomas,
I’m not sure that this is a bug but looks really strange.
Could you please take a look on this issue: Pushover stopped working

PR created with the current database -:

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fyi: i won’t be able to upload 1.8.2 tonight. Will continue working on the release tomorrow. Will keep you posted …

Update: argh, weren’t able to complete the release. Will be able to continue working on Wednesday.

Any chance that you package my Powemax binding in 1.8.2 ?
PR #4163


no, since the release should only contain bugfixes and no new features.

I hope for your understanding.

Best, Thomas E.-E.

Is it possible to fix the telegram bug with authentication httpclient with photos from 1.9?

to which PR do you refer to?

wow, that was a quick update :slight_smile:

this doesn’t seem to me like a fix but rather an enhancement which i am not going to integrate into 1.8.2. Or would you categorise this one as bugfix @watou?

Coincidence! :slight_smile:

I think of the PR more as an enhancement rather than a bugfix, so it would break the rule to include it in 1.8.2. (IMHO).

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