Upcoming RWE SmartHome Software update breaks OH binding

RWE recently announced the release of their brand new software for Sept. 1rst 2016 (see press release here in german).

IMPORTANT for all openHAB users:
Do not upgrade immediately as the new RWE Software (which will update the bridge) will be incompatible with the current RWE SmartHome binding. A successor for openHAB 2 is currently in development and will support the new and official client API, but it will take me another approx. 6-8 weeks until I can release a first running version of it.

Hi Oliver, in Holland the update will also be released in the coming weeks. Do you have any info about the rwe/innogy binding?

Hi Marijin,

I have an early beta of the binding out and running for some months. You can download it here. It still has some glitches I am currently working on and hope to be able to get out a new version next weekend or next week.

However, the new innogy binding is only for OH 2 and must use the innogy web service (this is how the new official innogy API works). Thus it cannot access the controller directly any more and needs a running internet access to work. This adds some error sources like your internet access and the availability of the innogy cloud to the equation and makes everything a bit more complicated to implement.

But I hope to be able to fix the most important bugs soon to get closer to a stable release.

OK, thx for the update.
I’m using OH2 mainly as a dashboard. The rwe controller will de doing the hard work.
I’ll give it a try

Take a look at the beta1 release: