Update current version on raspberry pi 3 (need a stable version)

I have some problems installing bindings on my raspberry openhab2 installation. I placed the bindings tplinksmart and oh2 addons.kar inside the addons folder under usr/share/openhab2/addons/

Have restarted the service, but can’t see the bindings under thing (tplinksmart should atleast be visible). This leads me to that I should maybe try to install a stable version of openhab2, any way of updating the existing openhab2 version? And where can you see what version is currently installed?

Have used the apt-get method for installation.

Firstly I assume you have internet access with your OH system? If yes, then I suggest you to delete contents of your addons folder and use PaperUI to install anything needed. There was also some problems with offline-addons package a while ago. (Don’t know if its fixed now but suggest not to use it) For example that tplink binding seems to be available through market place.

But if you want to change your installation to stable please follow the official docs. Here’s a link to changing versions: http://docs.openhab.org/installation/linux.html#changing-versions There you can find all the commands needed. Just ask if somethings is unclear in the docs and we’ll help you to get further.

There is a known bug with the SNAPSHOT version that makes offline installations like this not work. And besides, you should be using apt-get install openhab2-addons or something like that to install the offline addons, not downloading the whole kar file yourself since you did an apt-get install in the first place. There are significant changes to the core which can cause 2.2 bindings from not working with a 2.1 OH.

See the installation instructions for Linux for installation, update, changing versions, etc instructions.


Changing version usually involves changing the apt-get repo and running apt-get update, apt-get upgrade openhab2.