Update device state in openHAB

  • Platform information: i5, Win 10 x64, JRE Zulu and openHAB latest Version
  • Zwave device Aeotec Nano Dimmer

If I switch on a zwave dimmer with a physical switch the new state does not get updated in openHAB (Basic UI or iOS App). The state is displayed correctly when switching/dimming via openHAB.
Is this a lack of configuration or does it simply not work that way?
I have read a lot related to this issue but did not find a solution. There seems to be a state channel but I do not know how to address this.

Could somebody please guide me in the right direction?

zwave item:

Dimmer WZ_Lampe_Esstisch  "Esstisch"   <Light> (gWohnzimmer) ["Lighting"] {channel="zwave:device:362086f4:node5:switch_dimmer"}


Switch item=WZ_Lampe_Esstisch label="[%d%%]" icon="" mappings=[0="Aus", 30="30%", 50="50%", 75="75%", 99="An"]

Welcome to the community!

Create a separate switch item using the switch_binary channel, which represents ON and OFF. You should be able to see it in PaperUI when looking at the thing. So, you would have one channel for the switch, and one for the dimmer:


This enables you to turn the switch on and off without affecting the dimmer level.

Many thanks for your post.
Not sure if I get you right.
My problem is not the functionality regarding switching and dimming.
My problem is that openHAB shows a different state compared to the actual state.


  • Light is off: openHAB shows that the light is off
  • I switch on the light or I dim the light to 50% with a PHYSICAL SWITCH (turning on the light happens without openHAB being involved): openHAB still shows that the light is off

So the device does not report its new state to openHAB.
It’s the device settings you need to look at.

What version of OH are you using (latest is not descriptive enough)? Does refreshing the page in your browser update the state? If it is not a display issue, then it likely is due to the associations not being set properly. You can find the associations in the Thing for the device.

What model number and firmware version?

@rossko: Ok. I‘ll check the device‘s parameters

@5iver: I have version 2.52 installed.
dimmer: ZW111, firmware 2.3
everything else is working fine like switching on/off, dimming etc. it is just that openHAB does not correctly display the state.
refreshing the browser or restarting the iOS App does not update the status.

but from your comments I realize that it should be working which is good news…

ok. thanks for replying.
rossko was right - for some reasons the controller was not anymore within the forwarding list of the device. now working like a charm.