Update EnOcean Binding from 1.12.0 to 2.4,(Config related) help for a noob

Hey Everyone.

It took me a lot of time to bring my enocean stuff running, well its not that it is to complicated, i would search the problems on my side :wink: but hey, its running. But now i want to update the Binding to 2.4, i try it but yeah, a lot of change make it not easy :slight_smile:

This is how i have setup my enocean stuff:


    Dimmer S1_1 					    "1 OG Wohnzimmer mitte "		                                    {enocean="{id=00:2E:9A:94, channel=A, eep=F6:02:01}"}
Dimmer S1_2 						"1 OG Wohnzimmer mitte "		              		    	        {enocean="{id=00:2E:9A:94, channel=B, eep=F6:02:01}"}


EnOcean USB adapter serial port


Rest over Rules.

Now my question, what i have to change to get it running with the 2.4 Binding. Is there somewhere a migration manual i don’t found ?

Thanks for your help and happy easter !!!

With the new binding, you will need a Things file. Here is the documentation:

Make a backup, just in case you have issues or don’t like the new binding, then dive in.:wink:

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Thanks for your Reply, so i can still run the old binding with 2.5 ?

Yes, if you have enabled legacy binding via PaperUI.