Update IDE resp. target plattform

Hi all,

I have developed a binding under Eclipse Mars with Openhab 2.1.0 Snapshot. Now I want test it in my productive environment Openhabe 2.2.0 stable.
However, I have tried to change the target platform, but somehow the maven build failed because of some dependencies to 2.1.0 Snapshot.
Is there a proper way to change the target plattform to the stable release? How can I deploy my binding in my productive environment?
Any link to a tutorial, how-to or something like that I would really appreciate.

Thanks in advance.

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I recently encountered a similar problem. I had to do a rebuild of the entire OH2 project from the root directory to resolve it.

How have you done this?

There’s probably several ways, depending on your build environment.

I just went to the project root from the command line and did a mvn clean install.

I’m on windows 10 x64 using the eclipse installer. However, the installer setups the IDE for 2.3.0-SNAPSHOT. How, can I set it up for 2.2.0?
As I understand it downloads everthing from the github using the current master, but there is no 2.2.0, because it is already released. How can I achieve this?

There’s a 2.2 branch.

I’m not sure how the eclipse installer sets up the workspace. There should be a way to switch to the branch, but I’m not familiar with the git tools in Eclipse…