Update Item using MQTT binding

Hello! Just need a bit help. Currently, I’m trying to create music player using MQTT. Everything is fine when I’m trying to enable/disable player, but I also want to send full path to the audio file. I see in web-UI that field updated properly, but I can’t see proper value in MQTT topic.
In brief:
Everything works fine with command: ON/OFF
MQTT topic doesn’t update with String Items or Slider


Switch Music_intro_enabled "Enabled [%s]" {mqtt=">[OpenHab:quest/room1/music/intro_enabled:command:ON:1], >[OpenHab:quest/room1/music/intro:command:OFF:0]"}
String Music_intro_path "Path [%s]" {mqtt=">[OpenHab:quest/room1/music/intro_path:command:*]"}
Dimmer Music_intro_volume "Volume [%s]" {mqtt=">[OpenHab:quest/room1/music/intro_volume:command:*]"}


rule "Init"
	System started
	postUpdate(Music_intro_enabled, OFF)
    postUpdate(Music_intro_path, "/home/alex/Mysterium/Raspberry/MusicMixer/Player/1.mp3")
	sendCommand(Music_intro_path, "/home/alex/Mysterium/Raspberry/MusicMixer/Player/1.mp3")
    postUpdate(Music_intro_volume, 100)


Frame label="Sound"
		Frame label="Intro"
			Switch item=Music_intro_enabled
			Text item=Music_intro_path
			Slider item=Music_intro_volume


For the volume issue, it looks like you forgot to define your volume item as a number.

Sorry, just mistake during copy-paste process =)

what about path to the file? Thanks!

I’m still coming up the learning curve myself. I did find this when I ran a quick search. The item configuration in the post is structured slightly different then yours.

yep, right this solution resolved my problem. Thanks!