Update Mysensors binding

I’m a new user of openhab and Mysensors.
I installed it on my RPi3 by using the image file and added Mysensors bindig according to the tutorial at “https://github.com/tobof/openhab2-addons/wiki”. A few days ago I found that the binding was updated from V2.0.0 to V2.1.0 and searched for a solution to upgrade openhabian with this but found nothing. I then did the following:
Removed the old binding from the directory "/usr/share/openhab2/addons/"
Copied the new binding to this directory.
Made a reboot of openhabian.
Started the karaf consol and entered “bundle-list”, it shows that Mysensors binding 2.1.0 was active.
My question is now if this was the right way to go?

Yes. This was right. As long as the addon cannot be downloaded via the addon repository, updating will have to be done by replacing the jar file. There might be an option to unload the old bundle and resolve and start the new one at runtime, but I have never done this as restarting always works fine for me.